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Say What?


Ever since I was young, I have been entertaining. Usually with sarcastic comments and self-deprecation, but whatever it takes to make people laugh, right?  I guess that's what landed me the role of the Mad Hatter in my Sixth Grade production of Alice in Wonderland.  Fast forward many years to my attempt to audition for a voice-over part for my church's Passion Play.  However, the director decided that with the combination of my size AND voice, that I would be playing Pilate.  On stage.  In front of 5,000 people for every show.  Turns out that it was pretty addicting, so I did it (among many other parts) for 20 years.

Over that time, being in front of all of those people, AND having to memorize all of those lines, became more stressful than I was willing to accept.  However, I still wanted to act, and use the gift of my voice, and felt lead to pursue this new adventure, and see where the Lord takes me.  And so that's how I've ended up here writing a brief (yes, this is the short version) synopsis of my acting career.

Now I would much rather lock myself away and read (not memorize) my script.  Still satisfying, and a bit more lucrative.  Not to mention that I get to expand my range and explore new things!

Thanks for reading.  Enjoy the nap this induced.

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