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List of Work


American Giant

The Orange Theory Fitness

Home Depot Experience - Training Video

Chattanooga State

Diagnostic Research Group


North Dakota Beef Commission

RC Motors

Mahoning Valley Scrappers

Chim Chiminey

Moonlight Diesel

Amalgamation Brewing Company

Talley Construction

Highlands Farmers Market


FDR Logging - Go Team Timber

- Old Bill

- Evil Tree

- Contractor

- Trucker

Exploring Beyond the Dark

- The Unsolved Disappearance of the Sodder Children-Narrator

- The Delphi Case-Narrator

- Exploring the Most Haunted Forests in the World-Narrator


Della Testa Rossa: FROM HERO TO ZERO AND BACK AGAIN - by Bradyn Holly

LEAD BOLD - LEAD STRONG - LEAD WELL: 9 Proven Leadership Secrets Anyone Can Learn and Apply - by Mike T. Lightner

A Beginner's Guide to RV Living for Families: Your Ultimate Guide To Living On The Road With Your Family Across America - by Michelle Mann

Cryptocurrency for Beginners: Here's What You Should Know - by Richard Man


Wander - A SCAD Senior Project Animatic

- The Veteran

(In Production)

The Oasis Transmissions - Podcast

- Inspector Stokes

- Voice option

(In production)

Stellar Skies - Video Game by Jendia Studios

- Jaxil

- Conrad

(In Production)

Threatia - Video Game

- Dr. Pinche

(In production)

List of Work: Services
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